The Featherwerks

Making the most with what we have . . . and loving it!


Peacock and Rooster Pin

Heritage Turkey

Guinea Hen 

We constantly find ourselves inundated with gorgeous feathers!

Unable to toss them into the compost heap, I decided to find a useful way to promote these rare breeds while recycling the feathers. I began creating one-of-a-kind feathered hair adornments and unique home decor, and Featherwerks was born!  


No wild bird feathers are ever used in my creations, although I sometimes incorporate dropped feathers from friends’ pet birds and other domestic or game avians that have been humanely treated or dispatched.

To Purchase:

Custom Work,
such as the wedding accessories
pictured here,is embraced
and welcomed.


  Golden Crested Polish Hens

Chicken, Guinea, and Rooster

Guinea Fowl and Chicken
Pheasanr and Turkey Headress
Pheasant and Turkey

Golden Crested Polish Hen
Speckled Sussex
Speckled Sussex Flapper Hat
Speckled Sussex
Pheasant Hat


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