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KG Acres Farm is our passion!

Meet owners Laura Karr and Jim Gifford 

KG Acres Farm specializes in small-scale, sustainable production of free-range and pastured Heritage poultry, honey, herbs, and vegetables. We also offer unique feathered hair adornments, jewelry, and home décor. Our products are grown with organic, non-GMO feeds and OMRI-approved pest controls and fertilizers. We strive to be earth-friendly and believe in improving our land naturally.

Our specialities include:

  • Heritage poultry production — livestock and processed

  • Heritage poultry breed preservation

  • Culinary and medicinal herb production and plant starts (no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers)

  • Vegetable production and plant starts (no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers)

  • All-natural honey, minimally filtered, courtesy of the KG Bees

  • Unique feathered hair adornments and jewelry and one-of-a-kind home décor.

Laura and Giff"The core values driving our business are: Respect for the earth and its limited resources, quality before quantity, humane and thoughtful treatment of animals, and Heritage breed preservation and promotion."

Laura is a refugee from Corporate Agriculture, striving to live and promote the healthy lifestyle that escaped her during many years in industry. She holds various ag-related degrees, with her formal education culminating in a Ph.D. in Entomology and Toxicology from Iowa State University.

Jim, known by his friends as Giff, still works in the corporate world, and as a gentleman farmer after hours, providing sales, R&D, and labor support. He also holds a degree from Iowa State, and has worked in different aspects of agricultural R&D for many years.

KG Acres Farm and Featherwerks
800 N 200 E, Lebanon, IN 46052

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